TYTAX Beta App is here!

Help us to check and develop our appliacation for Ultimate TYTAX Machines. Keep in mind this is just a beta version, a lot of work is yet to come.

The supportive app for TYTAX gyms workouts, but not only!

Free TYTAX app for your home gym and commercial gym use. Create your workouts with TYTAX database full of exercises provided with descriptions and videos! Whether you need strength training or cardio we have it all. The app gives you access to over 5400 on all TYTAX models completely free! Set your workouts regularly or schedule your activity for a full month. Save your favorite workouts. Exercise with full video preview and exercise setup instructions! Make a note and follow your progress. Follow the TYTAX news!


Hundreds of exercises in your pocket.

Training callendar

Workout planning on TYTAX has never been easier.

progress monitoring

Quick access to your progress data.

Save progress

Save your progress in the cloud.

Beta app

We've released a beta version for android users.


We've released a beta version for iOS users.

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